Summer landscaping in the Park

by Bernhard Jacobs, Landmark Studios 

Summer has eventually arrived after a short spring period with some good, late spring rains and hot temperatures all of which
are conducive to colourful Highveld gardens.

Some very interesting projects have taken place over the spring period.  Lagonda Park has been extensively cleaned up to allow new growth to emerge over the current growing season. Forested areas have seen trees being crown-lifted. Poor areas of lawn coverage have been converted to beds planted with ex-site agapanthus and dietes, which will address possible erosion issues.

The Bird Island in Lagonda Park has
also been cleaned up, with trees crown lifted and invasive self-seeded tree specimens removed. This island will be seeded with a Highveld wild grass seed to further encourage indigenous birds to nest.

This report will not be complete if mention is not made of the flowering lampranthus (vygies) that serve as an early reminder that spring has arrived.

The entrance rose beds also looked their best with spring flowering  eing very impressive indeed.

The replanting of the agapanthus at the gatehouse entrance has also gained momentum with completion now in sight.

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