Security Report

Several operations have been conducted in and around Kyalami to limit criminal activities and make it a safe area to be.

To curtail smash and grab incidents in Kyalami Park and the surrounding estate a visibility programme has been established. We have multiple vehicles standing off at traffic lights during peak hour night traffic to keep our community safe.

Fidelity has introduced a mobile drone team. Operations are conducted between 22.00 pm and 03.00 am. The drone pilot has a dedicated response team who, together with surrounding estates, investigate any suspicious activities.

Fidelity ADT has secured several estates around Kyalami areas which make it easy for them to clamp down on criminal activities and react faster. We have made several arrests in the area with the help of the LPR camera and the reaction officers doing visibility patrols who, on noticing suspicious activities, act accordingly.

Kyalami Park security staff are trained on a weekly basis to keep them one step ahead of criminals.

Although Covid-19 numbers are going down, all Covid-19 protocols remains in place and tenants and employees are required to follow protocols accordingly.

We encourage everyone to be extra vigilant when leaving the Park as the festive season is fast approaching and criminals tend to take chances during this period.

We welcome the new Park manager, Paul Johnston, and look forward to working with him. Thanks again to the Park’s
management for their continued support.

Contract Manager – Fidelity Security Group

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