Chairman’s Report and 2019 AGM

By Brandon McWilliams, Chairman

2019 AGM

The KPOA Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday, 10th October at the Isuzu Training Academy in Kyalami Park.

The financial statements for the years ending March 2018 and March 2019 were tabled for consideration and the budget for the next fiscal was unanimously approved. It was agreed to appoint Kruger Stoltz Incorporated as the auditor for the ensuing year.

the following members were elected to serve as Directors with their portfolios being allocated at their first Board meeting held on 23 October 2019:

  • Brandon McWilliams – Chairman and Landscaping & Aesthetics
  • Aylwin Stephenson – Vice Chairman and Security
  • Grenville McWilliams – Legal
  • David Nijland – Financial
  • David Falkenberg – Security and Landscaping & Aesthetics
  • Mark Malherbe – Marketing.

A vote of thanks was extended to John Andrews for serving as a Director for several years. His presence will be sorely missed.

I would also like to express my thanks to all owners who participated in this process.


Once again, the main focus of the Board and Management. The following security projects were undertaken and completed:

  • The northern boundary thermal imaging cameras were installed and connected via fibre to our 24/7 control room
  • Both the pedestrian entry and boom box cameras were replaced with new facial recognition cameras
  • New number plate recognition cameras were installed at the entrance
  • A total control room upgrade was undertaken
  • Southern boundary cameras were upgraded to use fibre as opposed to WiFi to signal the control room
  • A clearVu fence between the Park and Kyalami Race track was erected
  • License scanners have been implemented at the main entrance for use after hours and weekends.

A proposed security project for the installation of solar powered cameras for the entire length of Kyalami Boulevard is currently on the table for discussion.

I am pleased to report that our security efforts have paid off and during the two years 2018 and 2019 incident statistics have remained low.

On a less encouraging note there has been an increase of vagrancy in the Park and I would like to request that everyone show vigilance in this regard.

Landscaping & Aesthetics

Various projects were undertaken such as the replacement of grass with plants on walkway islands between circles 1 and 2. This has ensured a much healthier look particularly in the current drought conditions which have also brought transplanting to a complete halt.

The splay wall in front of the shopping centre is to be rebuilt to match the one in front of BP. Regrettably the area’s around BP and the taxi ranks has been put on hold pending ongoing discussions with Council.

A cat control programme, with the help of a volunteer, has been implemented to deal with overpopulation in the Park and we will be contributing to the neutering costs.

Legal Issues

Requests have been made to the Johannesburg Council to deal with the following issues:

  • Repairs to potholes, the slipway exiting the Park, street lights and the broken water main on the R55
  • Road markings, curbing and traffic signs in the Park
  • Parking on the traffic island at the Park entrance
  • Traffic control measures on the R55 going north from the Park entrance
  • Potential storm water problems from flows down the R55 and from new and proposed developments to the north of the Park
  • Aggressive and improper behaviour and illegal hawking at the taxi rank on the R55 at the exit of the Park
  • Relationships with the Taxi Association.

A new Memorandum of Incorporation, Development and Landscape Guide (MOI) has been compiled to replace the initial Articles of Association for KPOA. It has been distributed to members for approval.  Work on a new comprehensive set of Association Rules to complement the MOI is in progress.

Further, I would like to remind owners to not only make sure they are in possession of their buildings’ occupation certificates but to also ensure their compliance with Park regulations and the new requirements for land use development as set out in the City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme 2018.

All that remains is to wish you all the very best for what remains of 2019.

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