From the KPOA Board

2021 has been a turbulent year, not only for the Park but for South Africa as a whole. 

With bated breath, we witnessed the devastating forces of rioting and looting sweep through our country leaving horrific destruction of property in their wake. The board responded rapidly to this crisis, quickly beefing up the Parks security compliment in an effort to ensure the safety and security of people and property. We are pleased to report that no incidents or losses occurred.

The ravages of Covid-19 have continued to plague us and only now are we beginning to see a glimmer of hope. The lifting of lockdown restrictions has increased traffic in the Park as more employees slowly return to work. Sadly, the Park felt the direct impact of Covid-19 when it lost its Park Manager, Dave Edwards, to complications from the deadly virus.  

On a more positive note, we are pleased to announce the appointment of a new Park manager – Paul Johnston. Originally from Cape Town, Paul moved to Johannesburg in the early nineties where he proved himself an adept salesman in various commodities in the retail, industrial and commercial markets. After developing a company in industrial and residential maintenance and building projects, Paul moved into estate management. His enthusiasm and experience are already evident in some of the projects in his portfolio. We look forward to working with Paul who, we have no doubt, has some valuable suggestions on how we can improve on our already successful Park.

Despite the difficulties, Park properties continue to hold their value and occupancy remains high. Our leafy streets, lush gardens and landscaped parks continue to be a drawing card for businesses who recognise the benefits that come with integrating a natural environment into everyday working conditions.

We wish you all a safe, happy and fruitful new year.

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