Effective and efficient security has always been one of Kyalami Park’s top priorities.

Surrounded by a perimeter fence, the park has access booms, camera coverage, 24-hour on-site security guards and patrol vehicles.

All security systems are managed and monitored via a central control room which acts as the eyes and ears of the business park. Rapid response resources can be activated and directed to any location within the park which is under threat.

Thermal imagery cameras along the Kyalami Race Track boundary are also monitored from the control room. These enable park security to detect intruders long before they reach the fence.

The park’s communications systems are regularly tested and upgraded and both internal and external patrols are tracked and closely monitored.

While concern for the safety of tenants, employees and the protection of business premises is paramount, the park also acknowledges that property value increases as crime decreases and that the upside of security is maintaining the park’s value through investor confidence.