Security Report

By Contract Manager, Fidelity Security Group (Aug 2020) 

Fidelity Security Services has been in partnership with Kyalami Park for a number of years and has recently been re-appointed as the Park’s security service provider. Over the years Fidelity and Park management have together tackled a myriad of challenges, perhaps none quite as daunting as the latest pandemic we now face.

Through these testing times of COVID-19, the lockdown saw some businesses putting staff on leave and/or temporary closing as they were not deemed essential services. It also saw the crime dynamic and profile change drastically. Buildings were left vacant and more vulnerable whilst desperation and aggressiveness from criminals increased. There has been a significant rise in housebreakings and robberies during these times.

Fidelity, in collaboration with the Park, recognised the potential problem and quickly adopted an anticipatory approach, reinforcing resources in order to strengthen Park security.

A rapid response application was introduced. This routes the alarm directly to vehicles with the control room monitoring the effectiveness of the response and shortening the response time. The servicing of radios is another of our ongoing projects, one of its aims being to eliminate false alarms. In the interim, all alarms are attended to proactively.

Together with his team, Trevor, the onsite manager, is applying new measures and methods to secure the Park. Patrol routes and standoff are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Staff training and risk assessment is done monthly to keep the team hands-on and up-to-date.

As with any business park the size of Kyalami Park, matters of conflict are occasionally escalated to our attention. These are prioritised, attended to and resolved as quickly as possible.

We are pleased to report that the Park has not experienced a single security breach since the awarding of the new security contract to Fidelity.

We would like to thank the Board of Trustees as well as the Park Manager who work hand-in-hand with us and are always available to support security on the ground.

T. Maboko
Contract Manager
Fidelity Security Group

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