Security Report

Kyalami Business Park Nov 2020 Security Report by Fidelity Security Group

 Fidelity Security Services is constantly searching for alternate solutions to innovate and provide Kyalami Park with a safe environment. We are in constant consultation with Dave Edwards, the manager, with regard to technology and security barriers that will elevate the security infrastructure of the Park.

We understand that due to our dominant client base and Area CCTV (Vumacam) system capacity in the area, Fidelity Security Services has a responsibility that expands to the wider Kyalami Park precinct. To this end we will continue to invest in the precinct concept, planning and catering for any eventuality that may affect not only Kyalami Park but the whole area.

Fidelity Security Services also works closely with the sector 4 police and CPF as an initiative to achieve a safer environment.

Whilst the Park has been very quiet in terms of inside crime, we had one incident report related to theft out of a vehicle. We encourage owners, tenants and employees not to leave valuables visible in their vehicles, to be aware of their surroundings and to report all suspicious vehicles.

A security management patrol strategy is in place to cover all sectors of the Park. This 3-4 minutes. strategy ensures responses are as effective as possible and minimises reaction times to 3-4 minutes.

We thank everyone for the management of their alarms. There has been a significant reduction in false alarms which enables security to deal proactively with positive threats and crime prevention.

With the changing criminal elements, security will conduct random searches in consultation with the Park for the safety of owners, tenants and employees.

The COVID-19 protocols remain in place. Security is consistently disinfecting the entrances. Owners, tenants and employees are encouraged to observe all protocols in the spirit of flattening the curve.

T. Maboko
Contract manager – Fidelity Security Group 

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