The unrivalled business hub of Kyalami

Top quality office and factory space

24-Hour armed security

An inspirational work environment

Welcome to Kyalami Park THE RIGHT PLACE TO BE

Kyalami Park is home to some 250 companies and thousands of employees and covers an area of 720 000 m².

Competitively priced, the quality accommodation and appealing environment attracts a variety of businesses. Our flexible range of space allows businesses, factories and warehouses the option they need to perform.

Lush landscaped gardens, tranquil parklands, dams and paved walkways of our established Park create the perfect setting for nature and business to harmoniously co-exist.

The majestic views of Johannesburg and Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from many of its sought-after properties reinforce its A-grade status.

Conveniently located, Kyalami Park is easily accessible. The individual buildings showcase top class architecture and offer ample parking for both tenants and visitors.



Easily accessible, the Park has excellent transport links via air, rail and road networks.



The Park is fenced, has access booms, camera coverage, 24-hour on-site guards and security vehicles.



Landscaped parks and gardens provide a natural, nurturing environment in which to work.



On the Park’s doorstep, there are a whole host of shopping and leisure options.



Over the last year or so, the term “POPIA” has been prominent in the press and even around the braai. There has been much hype about how it will affect companies, an individual’s right to privacy, and what action must betaken if personal information has been divulged in an irresponsible manner. We can all relate […]

African Hoopoe

The African Hoopoe is a species of hoopoe in the family Upupidae, a subspecies (Upupa epops africana) of the hoopoe. Its repetitive “hooo-pooo” is sung 5 times or more hence its name. Not a particularly sociable bird, it is generally found singly or in pairs and is widely distributed throughout South Africa, favouringopen and bushy […]

Winter landscaping in the Park

by Bernhard Jacobs, Landmark Studios  With an above average of rainfall received over the past summer season the park has a wonderful winter appearance due to the above average moisture context in the soil.  The entrance beds from the main road have a colourful display at this time of the year due to the change […]