Nov 2020 Security Report

Kyalami Business Park Nov 2020 Security Report by Fidelity Security Group

 The Kyalami precinct is one of the most volatile areas in Johannesburg. This is influenced by multiple factors including plots that have limited security, deficiency in area resources contributing to inadequate security, business attraction and the geographical area being accessible to main roads.

With the above mentioned taken into consideration, it is imperative for security role-players to evolve and employ the latest technology or partner with a leader in technology to combat criminal elements. Access to state-of-the-art security technology enables security providers to plan and deploy resources strategically.

Fidelity has partnered with Vumatel, one of the leading companies in ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology.  Fidelity also welcomed the acquisition of 7 Arrows Reaction who will play a significant role as far as our footprint in the area is concerned.

Currently, the area is experiencing several criminal challenges such as shoplifting, armed robbery, business robbery, theft, fraud syndicates and aggravated ‘follow’ robberies, to name but a few.  Fidelity Security Services has embarked on a project that serves to collect and analyse data accumulated from various sources. This enables us to take proactive measures to aid crime prevention and set up proactive sting operations. This project also serves to supply support to SAPS investigations. Our objective is to deploy a dedicated investigator for the immediate area to facilitate and execute this process.

As we move to the festive season we encourage and remind all businesses to:

  • ensure that their alarms are in good working order – it is imperative to test alarms and evaluate that all zones are operational.
  • advise the control room of a test prior to it being performed.
  • ensure that windows are closed prior to arming the alarm to minimise false alarms which contribute negatively to operations as resources are deployed to prioritise alarm events.
  • advise the Park Manger if your business is closing for the festive period – the Park Manager will advise security who will ensure that these buildings are put on a priority ‘regular check/visit list’ by the patrolling security team.

We are also aware that 2020 has been a tough year for most businesses. Whilst this is the case, some companies may be hosting social year end functions. We encourage business owners to make the Park Manager aware of these events to allow security to plan accordingly and redeploy officers in the best interest of everyone’s safety.

Business owners are also reminded of the country wide spike in business robberies during the festive season. Owners are urged to remunerate staff via online EFT payments rather than with cash or vouchers. We anticipate more incidents where people will be targeted and followed from banks and robbed. Further, we would like to remind you to be vigilant when wearing expensive jewellery in public, this attracts criminals and recent incidents have been committed with aggravating factors.

Fidelity Security Services, utilising all the resources in our arsenal, remains committed to contributing to the safety of the Park. A festive action plan has been discussed in conjunction with all neighbouring sites, specialised services and intelligence. Management of the Park will be
notified of all possible and/or confirmed incidents/events throughout the period.

Be vigilant. Stay safe.

T. Maboko
Contract manager – Fidelity Security Group 

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