From the Park Manager

With the sudden and very sad passing of Dave Edwards, I took over the position of Park Manager in June this year. 

 With no handover period, there was no alternative for me other than to hit the ground running. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the chairman, the board, the security manager and the marketing team who helped me find my feet, quickly and efficiently.

My top priority for the Park is the safety and security of all residents and visitors. To this end, plans are underway to convert the guard room to an office for the security manager, placing him in the forefront of the ‘action’ at the main gate. Guard rotation and training is in preparation for the festive season and the possibility of a covered recreation area is under consideration for staff breaks.

I would also like to remind everyone that when entering/leaving the park you will be required to activate the boom sensors yourselves. Guards have been instructed accordingly and going forward will only check vehicles and occupants for security purposes.

The following projects are already up and running or in the pipeline for the near future: 

Electric Fence Project

 Work on the replacement of old stainless-steel wires with higher conductivity aluminium wires, the introduction of lightening arresters, proper earth spikes and upgraded energisers is progressing well and is planned for completion by mid-December.


Monthly meetings are yielding fantastic results.

Expired trees are being removed and replaced with new indigenous fruit trees and the clearing of undergrowth has opened up the parks, making them more accessible to residents for lunch and free time usage.

Thinning of agapanthus and the transplanting of it and succulents in grassed areas has not only improved the look of the Park, it has also assisted with dust control. Cleaning and clearing of ‘gully drains’ throughout the Park is ongoing, more so after winter blockages from leaves.

A self-seeded tree was removed at zone 19 of the electric fence, making way for new cameras.

Borehole and other pumps at dams are being serviced.

Clearing of the silt in our dams with conveyor belt systems is being explored. 

Golf Cart

 The current golf cart is not operational. A decision has been taken to purchase a new, Park branded, golf cart for the Park manager to use for site inspections.

Biometric System

 This is being repaired and revised for monitoring of all onsite contractors.


 The wooden doors and windows in the gatehouse are rotten and are being replaced with aluminum which carry a lifetime guarantee.

The UPS is being repaired to avoid rebooting equipment after power cuts.

Traffic and Outside Traffic Intersection

Quotes are being obtained for speed trapping inside the park to prevent accidents.

I have also arranged for the timing at the outside traffic intersection to be adjusted to help prevent future accidents. 


 I am in the process of establishing working relationships with neighbouring estate managers in order to facilitate networking and support for one another.

Water Leaks

 Various underground problems have been found and resolved.

Power Cuts

These are becoming more prevalent and solar is being investigated.

The warmer weather is here and I urge tenants and their employees to take advantage of our parks and gardens as they come into their own this summer. As a dedicated water and nature conservationist, I believe that what we take away, we should put back into nature. As such I appeal to everyone to please use the bins strategically placed throughout the Park to keep it clean and user friendly. 

I will be visiting tenants to ‘meet and greet’ as time allows.
In the interim, I would like to invite you, the residents, to visit
my offices between 8 am and 12 pm weekdays to introduce
yourselves and discuss what you expect from me as your
Park manager. 

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