From the Park Manager

What a pleasure it has been to have had such lovely rainfall in the past weeks. It has made the gardens look really beautiful.Unfortunately, the grass has grown so much, it has created a real headache for our garden service who have had their time cut out trying to keep the grass short and neat.

The Kyalami Park signage at the entrance was completed at the end of last year and certainly dresses up the white wall the Park erected.

The painting of the inside walls and palisades as well as the benches and bins have all been done and look really great.  The repair and upgrade to the electrical fence has started, with zones 1 to 6 complete as well as 17 and 18. We are hoping that by May this year the fence will be completely upgraded and working to above-average requirements.

We have been removing all the old dead trees in the Park and re-planting new ones.

The KPOA AGM was held on the 3rd December 2020 at The Rivers Church. Thank you to those who attended. A big thank you goes out to the Directors who all opted to stand again this year. The time and effort they all put in to make our Park well run and successful is really appreciated I would like to thank everyone for their contributions and cooperation during the past months.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Dave Edwards

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