From the Park Manager

By Dave Edwards (Aug 2020) 

On the whole my first couple of months at Kyalami Park, whilst not without some problems, have been enjoyable, interesting and challenging.

On a very positive note during this terrible time we are all going through, no reports of Covid-19 have been reported in the Park. Thank you for keeping safe.

Our security personal are prepared and have been trained to monitor temperatures and the sanitizing of employees. Hand cleansing and sprays have been supplied to them and records are monitored daily and approved by myself.

The cold front which hit us has done little damage to the splendour of our gardens. Our newly appointed garden service supplier TURF NET and their team have managed to keep up the high standard we have become accustomed to. New gardens on both sides of the security house and the Park manager’s office have been re-designed and new plants put in. Please see our landscaping audit report by Bernard Jacobs for more details.

Improvements to the Park include:

  • the installation of a new toilet, built below the Park manager’s office
  • repairing of pot holes – an ongoing project unfortunately.

In process are quotes for the following projects we hope to undertake shortly:

  • the painting of the road curbs and road markings
  • signage for the new wall at the Park entrance.

Discussions between the COJ and ourselves regarding the outside ground next to the BP garage are in progress. Measures to redirect the rain water from the R55 into the already built storm drain are underway as are discussions to beautify the area. This will go ahead as soon as possible.

The issue of security continues to remain everyone’s responsibility. I would like once again to stress the importance of vigilance and remind everyone not to be complacent because of their location within our business Park.

Along with this call to vigilance comes the request that all owners and tenants ensure that their contact details are all updated with my office. In case of emergencies, it is of the utmost important that I have the correct information on all business in the Park. Again, I would like to reassure you that all details will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Please take care
Dave Edwards

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