Chairman’s Message Jun / Jul 2018

It gives me great pleasure to report back on a very successful Annual General Meeting held at the Theatre on Track on Wednesday, 16th May 2018. By Brandon McWilliams (Chairman, Kyalami Park Owners’ Association)

KPOA Chairman's Message Jun / Jul 2018

The budget for the next fiscal was unanimously approved by all present and proposed goals for the coming year and plans to bring them to fruition were enthusiastically received and tabled.
A fair bit of emphasis was placed on security upgrades with on-going investigations into:

  • a weekend access control system
  • vehicle number plate recognition
  • linking all stands to one security company
  • a camera monitored pedestrian turnstile
  • improving security on the Park’s northern boundary.

It was agreed that the Southern boundary cameras must be converted from analogue to digital so that they are compatible with the current fibre infrastructure and, once again, the importance of the need for owners to supply the Park manager with their tenant’s details for security reasons was stressed.

Members elected as trustees at the AGM were allocated their portfolios for the ensuing year at the very productive, first board meeting held on 20th March 2018. They are:

  • Brandon McWilliams – Chairman, Gardens & Aesthetics
  • Aylwin Stephenson – Vice Chairman, Security
  • Grenville McWilliams – Legal
  • David Nijland – Finance
  • Mark Malherbe – Marketing
  • John Andrews – Security

On a less positive note I would like to make owners who do not comply with the rules aware that they will not be provided with a clearance certificate should they wish to sell their stands. This being the case owners with structures built or affixed without approval are encouraged to apply for approval without delay.

Aesthetically, our Park is in reasonable shape and we will be working hard and improving the paint work on the buildings and curbs over the next month. The gardens are developing a new face as current foliage is systematically replaced with non-water dependant plants and succulents. Life Landscape is doing a great job maintaining our communal areas and we are exploring options to deal with the unsightly verge and exposed cables at the entrance to the Park. Plans to arrange a meeting with the Taxi Association to discuss ways to reduce the litter caused by their passengers at
the taxi rank are also in the pipeline.

With the bitter cold of winter well and truly upon us, wrap up warm and spare a thought for those who are less fortunate. 

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